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 who is dancing flame?  

Dancing Flame was founded by artist and jewelry designer Lindsey Cossman in the early 2000's, and has just recently opened our flagship store in downtown Santa Barbara at 619A State Street. Unfortunately, the state street store was forced to close due to Covid-19, but you can still find her full selection of designs here in our online store.
Lindsey's creations started with her signature handmade glass hearts and has now expanded to include her popular sand-infused jewelry collection, memorial jewelry collection, hammered metal jewelry collection, and gemstone jewelry collection, as well as fine art paintings and home decor collections.  Stop by our shop frequently and see what's new!

inspiration & background

Each piece is made with love by artist Lindsey Cossman in her studio in central California.  She enjoys the flowing nature of glass and vibrant colors she gets to play with and has become well known for her unique glass hearts and Shoreline Collection of beach-sand infused jewelry designs. Each piece is infused with beach sand during the creation process. Lindsey forms each piece by hand and creates custom colors that pay tribute to the beauty of the ocean. Lindsey likens her process to painting with glass.  Lately, when she isn’t chasing sunsets, she’s creating them in glass, enjoying the challenge of capturing the beauty of nature in each piece.  Born and raised on the Coast of California in Lompoc, she has always been drawn to the beach, where the sky, the sand, and the ocean come together. We are surrounded by so much natural beauty, and that's a big part of Lindsey's inspiration for her artwork, incorporating gemstones, wood, metal, and sand into her growing collection of designs. She's blessed to share her life with the man of her dreams, their beautiful daughter and infant son.

Lindsey's older sister, Nicki, passed away in 2009, which inspired Lindsey's With You Always line of memorial jewelry, which incorporates cremated remains of a loved one into a lasting piece of jewelry to cherish and is meant to bring comfort to those struggling with the physical loss of a loved one. Having experienced this loss, it's especially important to Lindsey to help people continue to feel the connection to those who are with us in spirit.

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